Sunday, June 10, 2007

I have photos!

Im getting a bit slack on the blogger front, as you can tell its not been updated in a while. I need to up my game and start getting creative! Cristina took pity on my no camera situation and forwarded me these pics of our last day of teaching, it went really well, the children seemed to enjoy themselves and the work looks great.The last stage of the project is going to be the exhibition at the Oxo Tower in July. Unfortunatley I have not been very creative of late but I plan to put a stop to that soon, the warm weather is making me feel a lot more optomistic and i've even started a little exercise plan of jogging in the mornings, so I feel a lot less guilty about my expanding sweet tooth. I did a lot of athletics in my teens and I was also 1500 Meter borough champion for two years running! so hopefully it wont take me forever to get fit.