Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chest Infections cont...

I went to the doctors on friday because when I went to the hospital the doctor there said I should see my own doctor in a weeks time to check my progress, luckily I was fast tracked an appoinment otherwise I would have been waiting weeks. My doctor said I should have another two weeks off work! I was planning to go back next week, and he sent me off for a chest x-ray, I get the results in two weeks time. I've also been given a new set of medication and some asthma type pumps, I could'nt believe it when I had to pay the chemist £27 for it all! But since starting the new medication I feel like Im on the mend now. Yesterday I started some art work which Im really pleased with, If only I had a camera I would have shown it here but Im hoping by the time I get one I will have amassed a load of work to put up!
I got an email from Cox & power with an update on my exhibition and theres been a lot of positive interest and comments, I've also sold a badge! which is very pleasing to hear even if its only one so far! I'm hoping to go there soon and take some photos. The exhibition finishes on the 9th May, so please go and see it if you get a chance!
'Familiar Strands' At Cox & Power, 35C Marylebone High Street, London. Nearest Tube Stations: Baker Street or Bond Street

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Allergies & Chest Infections

On Wednesday I helped to put up the work for my exhibition 'Familiar Strands' with the staff at Cox & Power who have been extremley helpful. It looks brilliant! so if you get a chance, please go and see it! But I was feeling really unwell, as over the last few days I've been coughing a lot, feeling breathless and experiencing chest and back pains, I usually put it down to my hayfever and having allergies but I felt a lot worse than usual so I thought I had better go to the doctor as last year I got a chest infection. Ringing up for an appointment I was told that the soonest I could get one was in two weeks time! its such a joke! So after putting up the exhibition my mum took me to the hospital and the doctor there said I had a very bad chest infection and would need to rest in bed for ten days! Im glad I got a professional opinion as knowing me I would have carried on with my daily routines as usual and it would have just got worse, but I feel that now I have been given permission to give my body a much needed rest.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Familiar Strands: My exhibition at the Jewellers Cox & Power

On wednesday Im going to be putting up my work at Cox & Power. So come along to see and maybe even buy my work. Officially opening on, Saturday 14th April at 35c Marylebone High Street, London. Nearest tube stations are Baker Street or Bond Street.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Its been a beautiful day hope you have enjoyed it. x

RIP K800!

Im really upset at the moment as last Wednesday my phone died!It was my phone, diary and camera all rolled in to one. As I dont have a decent camera of my own I was using the camera on it to take all my photos as it was really good, all the photos on this blog were taken by it so its quite a loss to me. As I wasn't insured I have to buy a brand new one and theres no chance of that as it costs £289! I got mine free on a line rental contract. I went to hyde Park on Thursday as it was a beautiful day and there were loads of photo opportunities that I had and could have blogged here, Im really gutted! At the moment Im using an old LG phone which is fine for calls but Im gonna have to consider buying a camera from a catalogue and paying it off monthly.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Aprons and picture pocket details

Today I have been sorting out the paper work that I need to hand in for the exhibiton, thinking that tomorrow I will be installing my work, but luckily I checked my emails and its next week Wednesday not tomorrow! that everything goes up. Im such a ditz at times! I hope that I can swap shifts with someone as Im scheduled to be working next wednesday. I've taken some photos of the aprons that are going up and some close up shots of the pockets and picture details which I really like.

Easter Chickens

I love this display of paper mache chickens, it reminds me of the paper mache fruit project that Cristina and I did at the school we've been teaching at. After easter we will be back for one more day to finish the project.