Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exhibition Preparation

Last Tuesday I went to Cox & Power to hand in some more of my work for the exhibition which is fast approaching! Cristina came with me as I needed the extra hands to help carry my mannequin.I took a few photos of the shops interior and exterior, I love the design its so original.

Vespa crew

On sunday I had to go to work. I never work on sundays unless im asked in advance so I was really annoyed as I had already made plans for the day, plus I was feeling really tired and needed a day of rest as on top of that I had been teaching friday afternoon, worked on saturday and now sunday and was also working on monday! Anyway on my tea break I took this photograph as its not often you see this many Vespas in one place! I think its the annual ride from Carnaby Street to Brighton as Carnaby Street was the place to be seen in the sixties and there were quite a few Mod shops around back then too.

Giant fruit!

Due to the chaos of last weeks lesson cristina and I thought we should give the class a helping hand by making the structures of the peaches and for a bit of variety to add some different fruits in too, so my evenings last week were spent in a sticky mess of ballons glue and newspaper! Fridays lesson was as noisy as usual but I could tell that the class were really enjoying themselves and seeing the inital structures transform into the intended fruits.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Just Wishing my Mum a happy mothers day as she is one in a million and I know I can rely on her for anything and everything and she will be there for me and my siblings whenever we need her ( well, most of the time!). This photo was taken on her wedding day. Love you Mum! xxx

Swan Lake

Today has been another bright and beautiful day, apart from it being extremley cold and windy, my face nearly blew off!
I went out this morning to get a few bits for my fridge and decided to take a different route to a supermarket I rarely go to, as its a bit further than my usual, but on my way I passed this little river I did'nt know was there, and saw these two lovely swans! I had to run abit ahead to get this shot as they were being blown pretty quickly along the river. They look so sweet! x

Art in the community 2

This is another work of art that has quite recently been installed in my local area it's the centre piece of a large roundabout and I think it looks pretty good. At night it lights up, so I will post a photo of that soon as it looks great. This area is really starting to change for the better and it becomes a pleasure to see these sights on a regular basis.

Teaching and Exhibitions

Fridays lesson was not very productive. We had hoped to get the children started on their structures for the peaches but due to a lot of distruptions, constant chatter and running in and out of the class room, a really easy task became impossible and not much was achieved for the day. I hope that next week things run smoothly because Cristina and I are being assessed!
After Teaching we went to the Islington Art and Design Fair. I've been going to these exhibitions which are held twice a year, for the last three or four years and there is always something that catches my eye and is inspiring to me. The next exhibition is in October and who knows I might even take part.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A lovely day

I can't get over how nice the weather has been! its amazing, I've taken a couple of photos but they don't really give justice to how lovely it has been.I only hope it lasts a bit longer, you can't help but be in a good mood when the sun is shining.

Art in the community

I really love this light instilation that was installed not far from where I live a few months ago. Its sensory activated so whenever someone walks past the lighting changes, different parts light up and it also flashes, I love it when it turns to a neon pink! Its situated in an underpass so it makes it alot more pleasant and it feels safer walking through it at night.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I hate being broke! its the begining of the month and I have no money left, its so depressing! But I feel that its giving me the push I need to stop being lazy and to make some money out of the skills that I have.
Last sunday I had a meeting with my mentor, Im not sure if I've mentioned before that part of the 'Create To Learn' Art Teaching experience includes being matched with a mentor to give advice and support, and mine has been really helpful and encouraging, shes a fashion designer and I've had two meetings with her so far. I always come away feeling a little bit more optimistic after speaking with her. I told her of my plans to come up with a range of jewellery and that I've given myself the deadline of May to have a small collection ready and to show it to a few boutiques in london (fingers crossed, if all goes to plan!)
I have also started working on some fabric masks/hoods based on the concealing and covering up of emotional and physical scars due to domestic violence. The idea behind them is that they create a visual false persona to the one that the victim is trying to hide, but not always successfully, beneath it. I will put some photos up of my work in progress soon!
I've also got my exhibition at the Jewellers 'Cox & Power' fast approaching. My works gonna be up in the first week of April and I still have quite a few bits and pieces I need to be getting on with. So much to do so little time! The story of my life .x.

Back again

Its been over two weeks since I last blogged in! I feel pretty bad when I don't so Im gonna try and keep on top of things again. Yesterday I was teaching at the school in south london with Cristina, the class were finishing off their masks which they seem to have enjoyed making but some have found it quite difficult at times to concentrate and get involved, next week we start on the second part of the project.