Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm having one of those moments where I'm feeling so grateful & thankful for everything!

 Thank you LORD!

For My life, family, friends a roof over my head, air to breathe, eyes to see, ears to listen a voice to sing! so much to be thankful for.

It can often be so easy to grumble & complain about the things that aren't going right & to dwell on the negative but there is always somebody worse off. Always a story you will hear or read about of somebody else's pain & suffering.

It's not always easy but as long as we persevere through the tough times, trust in God, ask for his strength and believe we can make it, things will get better!


Love & Blessings


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Where have all the gentlemen gone?!

Every morning & evening I get the train to work & home again. I seem to get saddened every day by the distinct lack of gentlemanliness that I see around me, its awful.
Men practically running & often barging others to get a seat on the train.
Its a frequent sight to see a row of men seated & women holding onto the handrails nearby. These men seemingly oblivious to the women desperate just to sit down or even the fragile elderly and obviously pregnant women! Come on now, have a heart.
Now I know not all men are like this & its so encouraging when you do see the odd few letting a lady take the seat instead, but from what I've seen it's so rare.
Nine times out of ten I will see women giving up their seats for the elderly or a pregnant woman while the men just look on! What on earth is this about?!
Take today for instance, I was seated between two men, one who was seated in the 'priority seat' (see pic above) which is placed above the few priority seats on all trains. From what I could see this man did not appear to qualify for this category. A fairly old lady walked onto the train which was pretty full, standing in clear view of the seated men. I deliberately waited a few moments to see if any of them would get up making sure they had ample time to register her presence & offer her their seat but surprise surprise none of them did so as usual or so it seems another woman, me, offered her my seat.
As I said before its not all men, & there are ailments & injuries that are not always visible to the eye which could be preventing some from getting up and holding onto their seat.

But those few that are considerate to the needs of others around them, women included, always stand out in my mind. I almost want to applaud and hug them, putting the others to shame.

Come on men, man up! Make us women proud!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

You are what you eat

I love food, especially the sweet variety!
I'm happiest when indulging in chocolate or some form of sugary substance.
But recently I've been majorly over doing it and now I'm experiencing the side effects.
I gave up the sweet stuff for lent so I'm really feeling and seeing the difference in my body & skin since reintroducing it back into my diet.
My skin has broken out into unsightly spots, I've gained a few pounds my energy levels are low & I'm exhausted.
Its time for a detox a radical overhaul of my diet,eating habits and a exercise plan.
No more junk!

Yay! It's May!

Okay, I'm a few days late with this one, but here all the same. I'm so happy we've reached May & I'm looking forward to brighter & warmer days ahead. Just a matter of time... sun soon come!

I found this photo taken by Davincipoppalalag of Binney Park. Its beautiful & really captures the colours of spring.

Love & Blessings