Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cleaning out...

Too much stuff. I seem to have an on going battle with clearing out my junk.There's just too much! Every time it feels like I'm getting somewhere I take a look in another drawer or cupboard and it just seems never ending. I may be slightly blowing it out of proportion here but to me it seems huge.
I've been taking bits & bobs to the charity shop, some things I've never even used, Just an accumulation of stuff over time adding to my clutter.

Since the last post I wrote on this subject I didn't get very far on my sorting but at least I have not really added to the pile.

I dream of bright & open space, white walls. Starting over, a fresh canvas to being again.

Changes are very much needed

With my birthday approaching, I'm getting into reflection mode.
Embarking onto another year of my life and I'm definitely feeling the wiser. As the saying goes "You live & you learn"

I'm definitely learning.

Much Love



Natalie Bea said...

Great pic. Keep pressing on sis, you will get there and your clear, white, open space will be realised in Jesus' name. Amen x

Miss Polymath said...

keep going char! even just writing about it helps it to are at the beginning of your new life. lots more to come!

jaxson corey said...

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